September 8, 2014   2 notes

ya gotta feel me, feel me
if you want the real me
i get enough of the phony stuff
i get enough of the phony stuff

September 2, 2014   3 notes

there’s no feelin like bein in love

August 30, 2014

there’s a prayer i could be prayin
but i go on my own
mines a life that could use savin
but i go on my own

August 28, 2014   2 notes

oh my my
it felt just like you got me high
oh yeah oh yeah
and i cant lie
goin thru withdrawls without you

August 25, 2014   1 note

oh i got ya on my mind
swear i want ya all of da time
i want you around
oh i got ya in my head
wishin that you were in my bed
i want you around
i want you around

August 21, 2014   2 notes

thursdays crazy
i stay lazy
i dont go to work now

now you’re callin
im still stallin
but i’ll make it out there

under my umbrella

August 20, 2014   3 notes

i just wanna kiss you now
oh my my i wanna kiss you now

well i cant explain all my brain
but i know for sure it just wants to kiss you more

i wanna kiss you now

August 19, 2014   6 notes


i play drums in a band called the lemons now and we just finished up the best tour ever with my forever dudes twin peaks! my dawgs have been nothing but the biggest supporters of me and this and chicago and everything and so i gotta say i dont do that many covers on the hits. its my belief this is number 3 of one thousand whatever, but me and chris twist did my favorite peaks. my boy jackie d got my brain.

August 18, 2014   2 notes

everytime i think i got it figured out
it never works out it never works out

July 29, 2014

they say
one day
some way
you’re gonna find out